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How To Create A Stress Relief Kit – 5 Essential Things To Include

For those moments when the chaos of everything around you makes you feel like you could jump out of your skin, a stress relief kit is your key to rebalancing and restoring your mind and body.

A stress relief kit is one of the best ways to manage the chaos around you and within you because it focuses on self-care. Keep reading if you want to learn how to use this effective method to banish feelings of stress and shift your mind and body back to calm. 

Stress Relief Kit For Self-Care

Link Between Stress Relief & Self-Care

Stress is something we all face. Long ago, the world was a very different place and humans regularly had to face wild animals and dangerous elements. In order to survive these hard conditions, our brain and nervous system evolved into high-functioning, hypersensitive entities. When faced with a wolf or a wild boar, our brain would alert the rest of our body to prepare to either run away or stay. And this sudden ‘fight or flight’ state would cause stress hormones to surge through our bodies, priming us for danger and ultimately keeping us safe from harm.

As time went on, our cultures and societies developed to the point where we no longer have to worry about facing down a saber tooth tiger. But our brains and bodies have still not evolved past that primal urge to run away from or fight off any perceived threats. So when we are faced with a conflict at work or an overdue bill, our bodies are still reacting as if we are in danger. This stress becomes chronic when you aren’t able to shift from fight or flight back into a rest state. That’s why it is so important to have stress relief kits at your disposal. 

Self-care is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress because the act of treating yourself with some TLC and compassion sends a signal to your brain that it’s safe to relax and let go. With self-care, you are able to give your brain and nervous system the break it so badly needs.

Benefits Of Having A Personal Stress Relief Kit

There are many benefits to having a stress relief kit you can turn to whenever you need a respite from the chaos within and around you. Stress relief kits can:

  • Be an effective way to reset your nervous system back into the relaxation state
  • Refocus and reset your mind so that you can better concentrate on the task at hand and reduce stress symptoms
  • Help you avoid unhealthy and harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol or drugs
  • Reduce irritability, leading to more positive relationships
  • Give you a sense of control and comfort, knowing you have a supportive resource to turn to whenever you need.

How To Create Your Own Stress Relief Kit & 5 Things To Put In It

Self-Care and Stress Relief

There are many ways to create your own DIY stress relief kit. Whether it’s candles, chocolate, and stress balls, or your favorite meditation recording, your ultimate stress relief kit should be simple, personal, and easily accessible. The five following suggestions for your stress relief kit have been included in this list because they’re evidence-based and can be used anywhere.

# 1 – Gratitude Journal

Maintaining a consistent attitude of gratitude has been proven to increase feelings of happiness and overall well-being [1]. When we are tuned into the people and things around us that we appreciate, it doesn’t leave much room left for negative thoughts. Your thoughts affect your stress levels and mental well-being much like how food affects your physical well-being. Eating healthy, nutritious food will lead to more energy and less illness just like how focusing on gratitude will lead to less stress and higher levels of happiness.  

There have been many studies done on the benefits of journaling and how it can relieve tension and decrease stress levels [2]. Gratitude journaling can help you gain insight by clarifying your thoughts and feelings and training your brain to focus on the good, which leads to a more positive mood and higher levels of resilience. You can create your own gratitude journal or try a GRATITUDE JOURNAL WITH HELPFUL PROMPTS if you’d like some extra guidance.

# 2 – Aromatherapy Options

Essential Oils For Stress Relief Kit

Breathing in certain scents sends signals to your brain and body that it’s safe to relax. Studies have looked at the restorative power of aromatherapy, even in the context of open-heart surgery. In a 2016 study, patients about to undergo open-heart surgery were given lavender aromatherapy essential oils to breathe. After 20 minutes, their blood samples were taken and compared to their previous samples as well as with a control group. Amazingly, the results showed the groups that were given the lavender all experienced a significant drop in cortisol levels compared to their counterparts [3].

Inhaling soothing scents can help you relax and distress in just a few breaths. Consider keeping a vanilla-scented candle or some lavender essential oil in your stress relief kit whenever you need to unwind and relax.

# 3 – Mindfulness Coloring Pages

No longer just for kids, adult coloring has exploded in popularity as an incredibly effective method for stress relief. Coloring has a number of benefits in addition to reduced stress including improved sleep, enhanced creativity, and increased patience. 

One study from 2018 found that mindfulness coloring pages resulted in significant decreases in test anxiety for middle school students [4]. The act of coloring, much like other forms of meditation and mindfulness, directs your attention to the present moment. When you are coloring, the repetition and attention to detail naturally help to direct your focus away from your scattered thoughts and onto the page. 

There are many mindfulness coloring page resources you could try, like these MANDALA COLORING PAGES that you can take advantage of for free. Keeping some mindfulness coloring pages in your DIY stress relief kit could be a great way to tap into that creative power of yours when life feels overwhelming to you.

mandala coloring pages for adults

# 4 – Affirmation Cards

How you speak to yourself is a direct reflection of the quality of your life. If you are constantly engaging in negative self-talk, you are going to be riddled with anxious, toxic thoughts that are doing nothing but bring you down. Positive affirmations can help you reframe negative thinking patterns and bust through limiting beliefs. 

There is a lot of research that proves self-affirmation can significantly decrease stress. In one study conducted, researchers found that even just a brief session of positive self-affirmations not only lowered the participants’ stress levels but caused a significant increase in their ability to problem-solve [5]. Create your own set of affirmations for your stress relief kit with statements that are personal to you or get a box of affirmation cards that you can pull from to inject a dose of self-compassion into your day. 

# 5 – A Professional Stress Relief Course

Even though there are many resources out there that provide ideas for how to create stress relief kits, some people find it too exhausting to try and figure out what’s going to help them destress. Gaining knowledge about stress and how to manage it is your first line of defense against overwhelm. So, you might find it helpful to enroll in an online course, designed to help you learn how to cope with stress or burnout symptoms in a structured, positive way. 

That’s why we have created this professional stress relief course for you:

30 Days Of Simple Self-Care Managing Stress

This virtual course is a perfect addition to your ultimate stress relief kit as it contains all the resources, techniques, and knowledge that you need to start shifting your mind into a calm and restorative state. 30 DAYS OF SIMPLE SELF-CARE: MANAGING STRESS is packed with 30 units of evidence-based lessons and activities as well as guided meditations, self-affirmations, journaling prompts, and self-reflections to help you manage your stress in constructive ways.

Stress Management Course - Beating Burnout

This course is a stress relief kit in itself, with self-paced online modules focused on topics such as accepting what is, how to slow down,  breathe and relax your body and mind, and how to trust yourself. It’s an all-in-one virtual stress relief kit you can take anywhere so you’ll always have on hand the resources you need to relax and restore. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to take the time to customize your own kit or choose one that already has the bells and whistles you need, having a personal stress relief kit is a must if you are looking to interrupt that inner stress that can unexpectedly pop up and drain your energy. A self-paced online course designed by experts to help you relieve stress and prevent burnout from happening, such as 30 DAYS OF SIMPLE SELF-CARE: MANAGING STRESS, can be a great way to incorporate the elements you need for successful stress management into your life.

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