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Welcome to this learning space! We’re excited to offer you an exclusive selection of digital resources and courses for personal growth and self-care, carefully curated by educational experts. Whether you’re looking for tools to help you manage stress, set goals, develop mindfulness and self-awareness, or increase your gratitude, we’ve got everything you need right here in one convenient place. Our digital resources and online courses are tailored specifically for life in hectic times, so you can improve your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being with ease all at your own pace.

  • Weekly Self-Care ChecklistChecklist For Weekly Self-Care Routine

    FREE Weekly Self-Care Checklist With 44 Self-Care Ideas


    This weekly self-care checklist is a free digital resource, designed to help you prioritize your physical and spiritual health by implementing, tracking, and reviewing your own personal self-care routine. It consists of three elements: a checklist for weekly review, questions for personal reflection, and 44 self-care ideas to try out.

  • Goal-Setting Journal - Practical GuideGoal-Setting Journal - Goal-Setting Workbook

    Goal-Setting Journal – A Practical Guide To Set, Visualize & Commit To Your Goals


    This goal-setting journal guides you through six goal-setting techniques, specifically chosen to help you formulate, assess, visualize and pursue your goals in a structured and practical way. The interactive e-book can be used digitally (with editable text fields to type into) or printed out at home. Are you full of hopes and dreams for your future but don’t know how to realize them? This goal-setting workbook provides you with a blueprint for achieving short-term and long-term goals step by step, without getting lost in the complexity of life.

  • Gratitude Journal With Prayer Section

    Gratitude Journal With Gratitude Prayer Sections


    This gratitude journal with prayer sections is a digital resource, containing 52 different sets of gratitude-based questions for each week of the year, dedicated space for daily reflection, a Bible quote, and space for weekly gratitude prayers. It can be used as an interactive e-book with editable text fields to type into or as a document to print out at home and fill in by hand. A Year Of Grounding Gratitude – With Prayer Sections takes you on a journey of joy, hope, faith, deep thankfulness, and the (re-)discovery of beauty in every day.

  • Gratitude Journal With Prompts For One Year of Grounding Gratitude52-Week-Gratitude-Journal-With-Prompts

    Gratitude Journal With Prompts – 52-Week Gratitude Journal


    This 52-week gratitude journal is a digital resource, containing a different set of prompts for each week of the year and dedicated space for daily reflection. It can be used as an interactive e-book with editable text fields to type into or as a printable document. A Year Of Grounding Gratitude takes you on a journey of hope, joy, abundance, and the (re-)discovery of beauty, even in the darker moments of life.


  • mandala coloring pages for adultsMandala Coloring - Personal Growth

    Mandala Coloring Pages For Adults – FREE Printable PDF


    This digital resource consists of five mandala coloring pages with different mandala patterns, designed to help you practice the art of mindful painting. Using them can help you relax your mind, find stress relief and meditate in a new and exciting way.

  • Message To My Future SelfMessage To My Future Self

    Message To My Future Self – Digital Booklet For Future Self Journaling


    This interactive e-book contains helpful tips, prompts, instructions, and creative space for writing messages to your future self. You’ll get all the materials you need to start a path of meaningful self-reflection in the context of future self journaling. Letters To Your Future Self takes you on a journey of self-discovery, retrospection, goal-setting, and the envisioning of a happier, more fulfilled YOU, both in the present and future.

  • Affirmations_Spiritual Isolation_Product Image 1Daily Affirmation Cards For Spiritual Isolation

    Positive Affirmations – 99 Daily Affirmation Cards For Times Of Spiritual Isolation


    This collection of daily affirmation cards is a digital resource for personal inspiration, meditation, and devotion. The daily affirmations are based on Bible verses that have been carefully chosen to assist you in starting and maintaining a Bible-based affirmation practice for embracing hope, trust, and gratitude in challenging times.

  • Living Through Heartbreak - Online Self-Care CourseSelf-Care For Going Through Divorce

    Self-Care Course: Living Through Heartbreak


    This self-paced online course for dealing with heartbreak approaches the pain caused by separation and loss through a combination of educational methods. The methods include self-care practices, guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, self-affirmations, journaling prompts as well as relaxation and self-reflection techniques. This course will teach you how to create a self-care routine for emotional regulation, spiritual inquiry, relaxation, anxiety management, and self-compassion that is tailored to your individual needs. The goal is to help you navigate your way from heartbreak to healing at your own speed by including simple self-care practices in your daily life that benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Stress Management Course - Beating BurnoutStress Management Course With Meditations

    Self-Care Course: Managing Stress


    This self-paced online course for stress management and burnout prevention approaches the science, psychology, and spirituality of stress through a combination of educational methods. The methods include self-care practices, guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, positive affirmations, creative writing exercises, question prompts, and self-reflection. Through the power of simple self-care practices, this powerful course will help you develop a personalized self-care routine for emotional regulation, spiritual exploration, relaxation, anxiety management, and stress relief that has the potential to last a lifetime.