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9 Self-Care Ideas For Moms To Prioritize Over Anything Else

As a busy parent, you deserve to incorporate self-care ideas in your daily life that will keep your tank full. Being a mom often means putting your child’s needs ahead of yours. But when you do this to the point of burnout, you are not able to show up for yourself, your child, or anyone around you in a meaningful way.

Ten Self-Care Activities You Can Do...
Ten Self-Care Activities You Can Do Right Now

If you’ve been feeling that your energy tank is slowly sputtering to a stop, these self-care activities for moms will help you inject the zing you need back into your life.

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Self-Care Ideas For Moms Why Self-Love Is Important In Motherhood

Whether you are a single mom or part of a partnership, working outside of the home, or a stay-at-home mom, there is no doubt that you are incredibly busy and have a lot on your plate. Scheduling self-care is important for you as a parent because the majority of the time, your attention revolves around your child’s health, safety, and happiness, leaving you susceptible to self-neglect.

Many moms feel guilty about asking for help or taking time for themselves. But without downtime and basic maintenance (like these self-care tips for busy moms), you’re going to shut down and struggle to perform and be truly present as a parent. 

Think of yourself as a car engine. Without routine maintenance, like getting gas, oil changes, and tire rotations, the car will eventually break down. Your mental, emotional, and physical health are similar in that respect. Practicing self-care ideas is like charging your phone. Plugging into an energy source is going to juice up your battery and keep you running like the superhero you are.

If you don’t take the time for yourself, your high levels of stress will remain unchecked and could end up affecting your focus and concentration, making you moody, and weakening your immune system [1]. 

It isn’t selfish to practice self-care. As a mom, it’s the number one thing to prioritize so you can ensure that you are aligning with the highest version of yourself, in other words: your most authentic self. Doing so will help you show up for your children in the best way possible.

9 Self-Care Ideas For Moms What To Prioritize

Whether you have one kid or ten, you’ve got a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders. These nine self-care tips for moms are some simple ways to help you recharge so you can take on everything that’s on your plate in a way that makes you feel empowered and capable.  

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# 1 – Establish A Regular Self-Care Routine

Establishing a self-care routine is one of those self-care ideas for moms that seems deceivingly simple. But it’s also one of the most important. Carving out time for yourself is crucial when you are a busy mom. Scheduling self-care (and keeping that commitment to yourself) is an act of self-compassion that will benefit you tenfold. How you treat yourself is how you treat others. When you prioritize taking the time to care for yourself, it’s going to feel that much more natural to then care for others, including your children.

A great way to establish a regular self-care routine and schedule self-care in your to-do list is to keep a personal checklist. This  FREE weekly self-care checklist is great for moms like you because it covers your physical, mental, and emotional health – all of which are essential to keep in check as a mom. It also allows you to reflect on your week through a few guided questions that will help keep you focused and motivated. That way, you can not only start and implement a weekly self-care routine but also track your habits and progress over time.

# 2 – Start A Gratitude Practice 

Gratitude is one of the most popular self-care tips for busy moms because it’s a simple habit that is easy to squeeze into your busy day. Not only does gratitude help you to improve your own well-being, it also supports your relationships, increases your self-esteem, helps you sleep better, fosters resilience, and helps you more easily handle stress [2]. 

There are many ways to practice gratitude, but if you are looking for a method that maximizes its many benefits, you may want to try a guided gratitude journal. This 52-WEEK GRATITUDE JOURNAL WITH PROMPTS offers different questions for every week as well as space to provide your daily reflections. You can choose to print out your journal and write your reflections by hand or use the digital format to access it directly on your device and fill in your answers into editable text fields. Unlike other journals which offer the same prompt week after week, this year-long gratitude journal offers new perspectives every week and builds on your previous work, allowing you to evolve in your attitude of gratitude to the point where your attention naturally focuses on all the good and abundance that is around you.


# 3 – Bookend Your Days With Self-Care

If you’re struggling to find time to practice self-care in your busy life, why not try bookending your days with it? Beginning and/or ending your day with caring for yourself is a great ritual because it provides you the opportunity to check in with yourself as you start and finish your day, and unwind after the chaos has settled. Taking an extra 15 minutes in the morning or at night to sit in bed with a cup of tea, listening to a favorite song or podcast, or spending five minutes just to breathe before you start/end your day can help you experience mom life in a way that feels calm and manageable. 

# 4 – Practice Mindfulness/Meditation

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Meditation and mindfulness practices are fabulous self-care activities for moms because they help get you out of your stressful mind and into the present moment. As a mom, you might have experienced moments of overwhelm, self-doubt, and impatience – either with yourself or those around you. Meditation helps you gain a new perspective on these moments by taking you out of your thinking mind [3]. This helps you to let go of negative emotions so you can truly enjoy the moment and enjoy being a mom – regardless of how chaotic it is!

# 5 – Exercise Or Go For A Walk

Not only does exercise help manage your weight, reduce blood pressure, and improve your energy, it also reduces stress and boosts your mood [4]. Taking time for yourself to exercise is a great way to blow off some steam and reinvigorate yourself, but it can also be an amazing opportunity to get your kids involved as well! Going for a walk together, playing tag, or even having your kids teach you their favorite playground game is a great way to bond as a family while improving your mental, physical, and emotional health. 

# 6 – Start Journaling Or Write A Letter To Yourself 

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Journaling is an excellent way for moms to enhance self-awareness and organize their thoughts. If you’re new to journaling, opting for a guided method may help you more easily get into the flow of writing your thoughts down. A guided journal like our popular LETTERS TO MY FUTURE SELF BOOKLET will provide you with expertly crafted prompts that will inspire meaningful self-reflection so you can set organized goals and create the future self you desire. This booklet comes in printed or digital format so you have the option of printing out and writing your reflections or typing them directly into the document itself on your preferred device.

# 7 – Schedule Alone Time To Pamper Yourself

A list of self-care activities for moms wouldn’t be complete without a gentle suggestion of taking time alone to pamper yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go spend a day at the spa (although that’s certainly great, too!). The point of this is to come back to who you are as an individual – not a mom, partner, or employee. That can feel difficult considering you spend your life fulfilling all these important roles. But taking some time every once in a while to be alone and enjoy your own company is crucial to maintaining your identity as the fabulous individual you are. Take a couple of hours to get some lunch, sit outside, and read a book. Or book a yoga class to find some peace and calm. Do something by yourself, just for you, knowing that when you do, you’ll come back into your normal life a more fulfilled and happier version of yourself. 

# 8 – Make Room For Creativity And Inspiration

As a mom, you probably are already pretty creative, even though you may not realize it. Getting your child to eat their vegetables, figuring out what they need to be where at what time, and finding ways to make your budget work all require some creative thinking. Exercise those creative muscles and take a pottery class, use essential oils, put on your favorite music and dance, or even try coloring! Yep, coloring isn’t just for your kids anymore. Downloading some FREE coloring pages for adults like these mandalas and coloring them in will not only help you become more consciously creative but will also direct your focus into the present moment, helping you feel less stressed and more at peace.  

# 9 – Create Your Own Stress-Relief Plan

Stress Management Course - Beating Burnout

While all of these self-care ideas for moms can help you destress and come back to the present, sometimes you may need a little extra support. Expert guidance in creating your own stress-relief plan may be the ticket if you still feel like you need help in caring for yourself. A course like 30 DAYS OF SIMPLE SELF_CARE: MANAGING STRESS is the ultimate self-care gift that keeps on giving as it provides evidence-based yet simple solutions for incorporating self-care into your life. This course is ideal for busy moms as the course is self-paced, meaning you can take your time and access it whenever you are able, and the practices are simple yet effective.

The Bottom Line

Being a mom can be stressful. But when you begin to incorporate a few minutes of self-care into your daily routine, your plate full of endless to-do lists begins to feel more manageable. Do yourself a favor and pick an item on this list to incorporate into your routine this week. When you take the time to care for yourself, you may become an even better mother, partner, and friend.

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