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Self-Care Course: Managing Stress

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This self-paced online course for stress management and burnout prevention approaches the science, psychology, and spirituality of stress through a combination of educational methods. These methods include self-care practices, applied meditation, mindfulness techniques, positive affirmations, creative writing exercises, question prompts, and guided reflections. Through the power of simple self-care practices, this course will help you develop a personalized self-care routine for emotional regulation, spiritual exploration, relaxation, anxiety management, and stress relief that has the potential to last a lifetime.

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30 Days of Simple Self-Care: Managing Burnout & Stress

This is an online self-care course for managing stress and stress-related tension, anxiety, and exhaustion. It has been designed by personal development specialists and professional educators to provide you with a structure to manage stress symptoms through simple self-care practices, including relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation, journaling, self-reflection, and positive affirmations, all of which can be completed in the comfort of your own home (or wherever else it may suit you). The aim of this course is to help you alleviate tension and stress by incorporating a personalized self-care routine into your daily life – one small step at a time.

Course Details

Course author: Dr Anneke Schmidt

Course instructor: Dr Anneke Schmidt


Are you ready to break free from the persistent stress cycle so you can dedicate your time and energy to the people and experiences that truly matter to you?

Break Free From The Stress Cycle


Learn how to manage your stress and take back control of your energy for good using simple self-care practices even if you:

  • Aren’t sure where to start
  • Don’t feel ready to make any major life changes
  • Feel like you don’t have time for self-care
  • Have a consistently busy schedule.

With this 30-day course, you’ll learn exactly how to incorporate simple self-care practices into your daily life without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down by another item on the to-do list. Discover how to take back your energy and effectively manage stress without needing to make any major life changes.


Online For Managing Burnout And Stress


This stress management program can offer you a safe space to catch a break, reflect, try new self-care practices, and find a path out of long-term stress—for good.

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Is This Stress Management Course Right For You?

This self-care course is for all people who want to change their relationship with stress and take back control of their whole health and well-being: mind, body, and spirit. You’ll receive the tools and resources you need to effectively manage your stress using simple self-care practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Is This You?

  • With never-ending to-do lists and a consistently busy schedule, you feel like you don’t have time for practicing self-care. Even if you could carve out a few moments in the week, you feel like it would be selfish to focus that time on yourself.
  • By the end of the workday, you often feel worn out, irritable, and overwhelmed by the time you get home. You want to be fully present for your family and friends, but you just don’t have the energy.
  • You often experience tension in your head, neck, shoulders, and other areas of your body and don’t know how to get rid of it, even when you do have time to relax.
  • You’re worn out and tired of constantly feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. You’re ready to make meaningful changes in your life but aren’t sure where to start and how to keep up a personalized self-care routine.


Self-Care Course - Managing Stress And Tension


Symptoms Of Burnout & Stress


Symptoms Of Burnout And Stress


This self-care program offers you a wealth of practical guidance and tools to help you solve and/or manage these problems and more.

  • Learn how to make time for simple self-care in your daily life.
  • Discover practices for preserving your energy so you can be present for the people who matter most to you.
  • Get tools and exercises for relieving physical tension in your body.
  • Receive a purposeful and easy-to-follow roadmap for managing stress with a six-part system designed to support your whole health and well-being.


Self-Care For Stress Relief And Relaxation


With this system, you’ll not only receive guidance on where to start with navigating your stress; you’ll get the tools and resources you need to manage your stress long-term.

Start Your Journey To Long-Term Stress Relief And Enrol In this Self-Care Program Today!


What You Get With This Self-Care Program

  • 30 course days of meaningful lessons for how to use simple self-care practices to manage stress
  • 30 simple self-care activities and practices to complete in the comfort of your own home or any other place you choose
  • 30 self-affirmations with suggestions for how to incorporate them into your daily life
  • 30 reflective exercises designed to support your mind, body, and spirit
  • 6 profound guided meditations designed to help you lessen your stress and cultivate a mindset of acceptance, inner peace, and trust
  • Additional worksheets and resources you can continue to use in your personal stress management program.

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is the combination of practices that we use in our daily lives to support our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While you may associate self-care with luxurious bubble baths and days at the spa, self-care goes beyond these external activities. Self-care includes the way you speak to yourself in the privacy of your own mind, how you set boundaries, and honoring what your soul needs most from one day to the next. In this program, you’ll explore all forms of self-care, from repeating positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day to breathing exercises to carving out some time during the week for soul-nourishing relaxation practices.


What Makes This Stress Management Program Unique?

This self-care program for stress management has been methodically designed with six carefully chosen focal points, spreading over five course days (or self-care units) each. These six overarching lessons provide you with the blueprint for managing stress effectively using simple self-care practices.


Self-Care For Managing Stress


Here are the six focal points you’ll learn about in this course:

  • Focus 1: Accepting What Is
  • Focus 2: Keep Breathing
  • Focus 3: Slowing Down
  • Focus 4: Relaxing Body & Mind
  • Focus 5: Offering Comfort & Care
  • Focus 6: Trusting Yourself.


Course Overview - Course Structure


You’ll spend five course days with each of these topics, and by the end of this period, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what each topic means and why it’s important
  • Know how to practice this skill in your daily life using simple self-care practices
  • Use this skill in your daily life for meaningful stress relief
  • Have the resources to help you manage your stress through meditations, worksheets, self-care practices, and easy-to-follow practices.

Course Benefits

  • Receive the tools and resources you need to effectively manage stress long-term.
  • Learn how to create a self-care practice that supports your entire self: mind, body, and spirit.
  • Get profound guided meditations you can continually repeat to help you ease stress and cultivate a mindset of calm, stability, and strength.


Guided Meditations For Stress Relief


Key Features

  • Self-paced online course that can be completed in 30 days or as much time as you need
  • Minimal interruptions to your daily routine (You get to complete all lessons and exercises on your own terms.)
  • All lessons and resources provided are made accessible to you for your personal use, so you can incorporate all of the tools you’ve been given in your long-term stress management plan.
  • No need to purchase anything additional to complete the activities. You can use the items you already have at home, plus the resources and worksheets provided to you.

Avoid Long-Term Effects of Stress By Focusing On Your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Well-Being.


Consequences Of Long-Term Stress


This course can help you reduce your stress levels and prevent (or stop) burnout from happening, regardless of whether the stress you’re experiencing right now is work-related or caused by personal problems (or both). The purpose of this program is to help you handle stressful situations through gentle self-care and self-love so that you may build resilience and lead a happier, more fulfilling, and stress-reduced life not only today but also in the future.

Are you ready for a positive change in your life? Start your stress-relief journey today with 30 Days Of Simple Self-Care!


Self Care Course - Managing Stress


Legal Disclaimer

This course is owned and provided by Skill & Care, an educational platform for personal development, self-care, and spiritual growth. It has been designed to support you in your self-care journey, especially when dealing with stress and tension.

However, nothing in this self-care course is intended to or should serve as a substitute for medical advice, treatments or, diagnoses rendered to you by your individual doctor or other health care provider. Only a licensed physician or psychologist should evaluate your situation, provide a diagnosis, or render other medical advice to you, and you should act only upon the advice of such persons.

Stress and burnout are serious conditions. Do not hesitate to get professional help if you need it!

4 reviews for Self-Care Course: Managing Stress

  1. lauriekeith8778

    A great course. I’m sure I will return to it many, many times ; Thank you, Dr Schmid

  2. Elodie Faukner

    This is a really useful course, particularly at times like these when we are all trying to just keep our heads above water. Thank you very much, Dr. Schmidt, for giving us such a wealth of authentic and meaningful content. This course has truly opened my heart to self-care and self-love. EF

  3. Angela L Feena

    Worth every penny. I can’t get enough of this course <3

  4. Kelcey Brock-Webber

    My self inner peace and confidence are growing and I look forward to the ongoing discovery of a ‘more relaxed me’ and future. This course has helped me tremendously!

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