Self-Care Course: Living Through Heartbreak

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This self-paced online course for dealing with heartbreak approaches the pain caused by separation and loss through a combination of educational methods. The methods include self-care practices, guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, self-affirmations, journaling prompts as well as relaxation and self-reflection techniques. This course will teach you how to create a self-care routine for emotional regulation, spiritual inquiry, relaxation, anxiety management, and self-compassion that is tailored to your individual needs. The goal is to help you navigate your way from heartbreak to healing at your own speed by including simple self-care practices in your daily life that benefit your mind, body, and spirit.


30 Days Of Simple Self-Care: Living Through Heartbreak

This is an online self-care course for living through and overcoming profound pain and heartbreak. It has been designed by personal development specialists and professional educators to provide you with a structure to navigate your heartbreak in a healthy way through simple self-care practices, including mindfulness, meditation, creative practices, breathing exercises, journaling, and self-reflection. All of the self-care practices included in this course can be completed from your home and easily incorporated into your daily life. The aim of this course is to help guide you on the journey from heartbreak to healing at your own pace by using self-care practices that support your healing process and personal growth amidst pain and confusion.

Course Details

Course author: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Course instructor: Dr. Anneke Schmidt


Are you having a difficult time navigating through the deep pain, confusion, and overwhelm of heartbreak? Are you ready to manage your emotions in a healthy way while slowly walking the path to healing?


Self-Care Course - Living Through Heart Break


Heartbreak is an intensely personal experience, and it can be a difficult path to try to navigate on your own and without guidance. No matter where you are in your journey, you are worthy of deep compassion, comfort, and care. Learn how to move through this path to healing using simple self-care practices designed to support your mind, body, and spirit.

Our self-care course will help you with navigating and overcoming heartbreak even if you:

  • Have only just recently experienced profound heartbreak
  • Are struggling to let go of someone you love
  • Have been trying to live through this pain for too long without any relief
  • Are unsure if you’re truly ready to heal and let go
  • Feel like you don’t have time for meaningful self-care.


Living Through Heartbreak - Self-Care Course


With this self-care course, you’ll learn how to continue to live through the heartbreak and grief you’re experiencing, no matter where you are in your healing journey. And as you’ll learn, this path isn’t about letting go completely. (We’ll redefine what “letting go” actually means.) It’s about honoring the phase you’re in, taking care of your whole self, and allowing tiny glimpses of hope to come without forcing yourself to move on before you’re ready.

Are you willing to allow yourself to be gently guided forward while also honoring all of your heavy thoughts and emotions in this moment? Our course can offer you a safe space to cry, vent, rage, and experience all of your emotions in a healthy, sustainable way through the use of self-care practices that support your whole being.


Is This Self-Care Course Right For You?

This course for overcoming heartbreak is for anyone experiencing profound heartbreak as a result of a separation from a partner, friend, or relative. While romantic relationships are the most common source of heartbreak, friendship break-ups and family separations can also cause deep pain and grief. Every instance of heartbreak is worthy of being treated with deep care and compassion.

Is This You?

  • You’ve recently experienced the end of a meaningful relationship, and you’re having a difficult time coping with your intensely felt emotions. In the span of a single day, you may feel emotions ranging from anger to sadness, and you have a difficult time managing these feelings, even in public settings.
  • You want to continue to live your life, but you’re unsure how to keep going after saying goodbye to someone who meant a lot to you. And maybe deep down, you’re also unsure if you truly even want to let go.
  • You feel lost, unsure where to go next, and maybe even stuck between the past and future. There are a lot of uncertainties in your life, and you don’t know where to go from here.
  • You want to heal and overcome the heartbreak you’re feeling, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Start your journey to profound healing and enroll in this self-care course today.


Living Through Heartbreak


The Unspoken Health Effects Of Heartbreak


Health Effect of Heartbreak & Grief


With this self-care course, you’ll learn how to respond to your mental, emotional, and physical pain with love and compassion. Rather than criticizing yourself for your thoughts and feelings, you’ll be gently guided to honor everything you’re experiencing in this moment without judgment or self-criticism. And you’ll learn that you can have seemingly conflicting experiences like the ones below without labeling any of them as wrong or right.

  • You can embrace your need to be alone while also having a circle of people to whom you can reach out when you need someone.
  • You can give yourself permission to feel unmotivated at times while also knowing your life goals and dreams are still possible and there for you when you’re ready.
  • You can mourn the past yet still feel sparks of hope for the future at the same time.

Our self-care course offers meaningful guidance to manage the often unspoken health effects of heartbreak with practical tools and resources you can start using today.

  • Learn how to navigate heartbreak using simple self-care tools that support the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Discover practices for handling your emotions in public places in a safe and healthy way.
  • Get tools for acknowledging and releasing all of your heavy emotions on your own terms.
  • Receive a purposeful roadmap for overcoming heartbreak with a six-part system that will gently guide you to deep and profound healing, all at your own pace.


Healing Heartbreak - Self-Care Course


With this system, you’ll develop the skills to slowly walk through each part of your healing journey one small step at a time.

Get the roadmap from heartbreak to hope and enroll today.


What You Get With This Self-Care Program

  • 30 course days of meaningful lessons for how to use simple self-care practices to live through (and ultimately overcome) heartbreak
  • 30 simple self-care activities and practices to complete in the comfort of your own home or any other place you choose
  • 30 self-affirmations for hope, mindfulness, self-love, and healing
  • 30 reflective exercises designed to help you connect with your deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
  • 6 profound guided meditations designed and recorded for you to help you meet your heartbreak and pain with self-love, compassion, mindfulness, and support.

What Is Self-Care?

Self-care is the combination of practices that we use in our daily lives to support our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While you may associate self-care with luxurious bubble baths and days at the spa, self-care goes beyond these external activities. Self-care includes the way you speak to yourself in the privacy of your own mind, how you set boundaries, and honoring what your soul needs most from one day to the next. In this program, you’ll explore all forms of self-care, from repeating positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day to breathing exercises to carving out some time during the week for soul-nourishing relaxation practices.


What Makes This Self-Care Program Unique?

Our self-care program contains six key focal points designed to gently guide you through your healing journey. While each focal point is spread out over five course days, you’ll find that you actually have the freedom and flexibility to take as much time as you need to complete each step. As you’ll learn, the journey to healing is never linear. This means that even though you may be on Day 19 or 20, you can continue to return to the lessons you’ve learned on Days 1 and 2 as many times as you need.

You are never expected to “get over” any of your heavy feelings. You are not required to get past one stage to move on to the next.

All that’s asked of you is that you treat yourself with love and compassion as you move at your own pace through this difficult time.

Here are the six focal points you’ll learn about in this course:

  • Focus 1: Creating Safe Space
  • Focus 2: Grounding In The Present Moment
  • Focus 3: Breathing Through The Pain
  • Focus 4: Offering Self-Compassion & Comfort
  • Focus 5: Letting Go Without Losing Love
  • Focus 6: Embracing New Healing & Hope

You’ll spend five course days on each of these topics, and by the end of this period, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what each topic means and why it’s important for your journey from heartbreak to hope
  • Know how to practice self-compassion and comfort  in your daily life using simple self-care practices
  • Use these skills in your daily life for meaningful emotional release and spiritual discovery
  • Have the resources to help you overcome your heartbreak and grief through recorded meditations, worksheets, self-care practices, and easy-to-follow practices.


Course Overview - Course Structure


Course Benefits

  • Receive the tools and resources you need to live with and ultimately overcome heartbreak, pain, and grief
  • Learn how to create a self-care practice that supports your entire self through difficult experiences
  • Get profound guided meditations that you can use over and over again for peace, comfort, and inner strength.


Meditations For Overcoming Heartbreak


Key Features

  • Self-paced online course that can be completed in 30 days or as much time as you need
  • Minimal interruptions to your daily routine (You get to complete all lessons and exercises on your own terms.)
  • All lessons and resources provided are made accessible to you for your personal use, so you can incorporate all of the tools you’ve been given as you continue to navigate difficult experiences in the future.
  • No need to purchase anything additional to complete the activities. You can use the items you already have at home, plus the resources and worksheets provided to you.

Are you ready to begin your journey from heartbreak to hope? Take your first step into profound healing today with 30 Days Of Simple Self-Care.



Healing Heartbreak - Self-Care Course For Separation


Legal Disclaimer

This course is owned and provided by Skill & Care®, an educational platform for personal development, self-care, and spiritual growth. It has been designed to support you in your self-care journey, especially when dealing with heartbreak and grief.

However, nothing in this self-care course is intended to or should serve as a substitute for medical advice, treatments or, diagnoses rendered to you by your individual doctor or other health care provider. Only a licensed physician or psychologist should evaluate your situation, provide a diagnosis, or render other medical advice to you, and you should act only upon the advice of such persons.

Suffering from heartbreak can be a serious condition. Do not hesitate to get professional help if you need it!

8 reviews for Self-Care Course: Living Through Heartbreak

  1. Annabella

    I felt broken and desperate. This course helped me through the darkest oftimes. I’ve even started enjoying myself again. Thank you so much!

  2. JU Stuart

    Thank you so much Dr. Schmidt. This was exactly what I needed to start the process of letting go, healing, and finding new hope.

  3. Michelle

    Since I started the course, I feel so much better. I do the daily activities and meditations. It’s reassuring to know that the course will be there for as long as I need i.

  4. carlagen561

    This course is truly amazing. Through the little steps proposed such as journaling, guided meditation and practical self-care tips I feel more connected to myself and hopeful after just a week. I enjoy every bit of this course and look forward to each new day.

  5. Olivia

    LOVE LOVE this course. it’s been a real life saver to me. Quite literally !!

  6. Paula L.

    It’s hard to talk about heartbreak, let alone go trhough it all on your own. This course has given me the structure and guidance I needed to keep moving and feel kindness toward myself. I honestly wouldn’t wanna be without it right now,

  7. Shirlee Irwin

    The course is so well structured and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the way it was written and how clear the instructions were. I loved how the guided meditations integrated with the daily topics and activities. They were clearly designed just for this purpose. Very professional course overall. Great resources. S <3

  8. Ji-Soo

    A friend recommended this program to me. i first wasn’t sure if i could “do self care”. But the resources and activities are so helpful and easy to use that I am slowly building a self care routine. I esprcially love the meditations!

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