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This mood journal template is a free digital resource, designed to help you improve your emotional well-being by understanding, tracking, and reviewing your emotions, possible mood swings, and emotional triggers. It consists of four parts: an extensive list of emotion words to help you identify how you’re feeling; a mood tracking table for you to use as a daily tracking tool; mood journal prompts for emotional growth and self-discovery; and useful writing tips.

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Free PDF Download: Mood Journal Template

A mood journal is a great way to track your moods and emotions. If you’re feeling a little blue, it can help to write down what’s causing it and what you can do to develop greater emotional balance. 

Not only can a mood diary help you to understand the emotions you’ve been feeling, but it can also help you to identify patterns in your emotions and what it is that triggers them. This can help you to understand yourself better, and to learn how to improve your emotional well-being.

This free printable mood journal template is designed to help you do just that. By keeping track of your emotions and how you’re feeling, you can discover patterns and triggers that you may not have noticed otherwise. This can help you to improve your emotional well-being and to feel better overall.

Author: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Publisher: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Digital Resource (PDF), 9 pages

About This Resource

The mood journal template consists of:

  • A list of suggested emotion description words
  • A mood tracking table
  • 45 journal prompts for emotional self-care
  • Journal writing tips
  • Space for your mood journal entries

What’s Unique About This Mood Journal Template?

This document can be used both as a printable worksheet or as an editable digital document. This gives you the choice between working on paper and handwriting your journal entries or typing directly into the text fields if you prefer to work on a computer or mobile device. The PDF comes in the format of nine, beautifully designed A4 pages.

Copyright Notice

This resource has been created and provided by Dr. Anneke Schmidt as part of her blog and educational platform, Skill & Care®. All texts, images, and designs are copyrighted and property of  Anneke Schmidt.

No part of this resource may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. You are welcome to print a copy of this checklist for your personal use.

4 reviews for Ultimate Mood Journal Template – FREE Digital Resource

  1. Creshta G.

    This is really excellent. Very useful and detailed. Thanks, Dr. Schmidt

  2. ceekparker333

    Great to help you understand your feelings. I’ve been using it for a while now and see real improvements in my mental wellbeing. Thanks for making this available

  3. James

    I use these templates every day – they’re so helpful for focusing on positives and understanding your mood swings. Mood journaling has become part of my self-care routine and is really helping me not just to track my emotions but to improve my mental health because it encourages me to be to take responsibility.

  4. Nick KJ

    I downloaded a few of those templates before but never really found myself using them. This ones dfferent in the sense that I can use it on my iPad. No need to print!

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