Message To My Future Self – Digital Booklet For Future Self Journaling

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This interactive e-book contains helpful tips, prompts, instructions, and creative space for writing messages to your future self. You’ll get all the materials you need to start a path of meaningful self-reflection in the context of future self journaling. Letters To Your Future Self takes you on a journey of self-discovery, retrospection, goal-setting, and the envisioning of a happier, more fulfilled YOU, both in the present and future.

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Message To My Future Self – E-Book With Editable Text Fields (Or Printable)

This digital booklet provides you with practical tips and guidance for writing messages to your future self. With thought-provoking questions, suggested sentence starters, content ideas, and editable text fields, you’ll receive all the resources you need to begin a journey of meaningful self-reflection for all versions of yourself: present and future.

Product Details

Author: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Publisher: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Digital Resource (PDF), 13 pages

About This Resource: Messages To My Future Self

Letters To My Future Self is a digital resource that helps you to write messages to your future self for topics such as life goals, relationships, and overcoming obstacles and challenges. For each topic, you’ll receive guidance on how to write your messages and what questions you could ask yourself before you get started. Additionally, you’ll receive suggested sentence starters and more content ideas to guide you in your letter-writing journey.

With this digital booklet, you have the option of typing directly into the PDF document or printing out the file and handwriting your responses. This allows for multiple options when sending the messages to your future self. If you choose to print out the resource, you can schedule a calendar reminder for a later date reminding you to read your letter. (You may find it helpful to include a note about where you stored it!) If you want to send the letter through email, you can upload the resource as an email attachment (or copy and paste the letter into an email) and schedule it to be sent at a later date.

Use this booklet as a resource to help you uplift and encourage, make and keep your promises to yourself, record your favorite memories and important life lessons, and return home to yourself whenever you feel lost.

What’s Inside This Digital Booklet?

This interactive e-book includes guidance on how to write a message to your future self for five different topics: life goals, self-love, relationships, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and cultivating joy and gratitude.

Each topic includes the following:

  • Advice on how to write your topic-specific message to your future self
  • 6 to 8 questions to ask yourself before you start writing your personal letter
  • Suggested sentence starters to help you formulate meaningful messages to yourself
  • More content ideas to include in your message and reflect on your goals and values
  • Editable text fields to type your letter (or print and handwrite) for easy access

What You Will Receive

  • 1 PDF file with editable text fields that can be typed into directly or printed out at home (interactive e-book)

If you want to learn more about the benefits of future self journaling, read this article.

Copyright Notice

This resource has been created and provided by Dr. Anneke Schmidt as part of her blog and educational platform, Skill & Care®. All texts, images, and designs are copyrighted and property of  Anneke Schmidt.

No part of this resource may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. You are welcome to print a copy of this e-book for your personal use.

8 reviews for Message To My Future Self – Digital Booklet For Future Self Journaling

  1. Stuart Hinley

    Fantastic quality and beautifully designed. Lovely journal i love writing in it .

  2. fayub1979

    I bought this to send to my 20 yo daughter. She’s all digital 🙂 She thought it was very thoughtful of me not to give her another “real” book!

  3. Filia

    This is just such a sweet idea. had to try it out and loved it ! Filia <3

  4. karlacollins101

    I really enjoyed this little self-help journal. I had never wrriten a letter to myself and the thought felt daunting at first. This journal made the whole process smooth and simple. I look foward to rereading my letters to myself in a year

  5. Andrea W.

    Lovely idea, bought as a treat for myself. If you’re looking for something new to try, this is a great option. It’s given me fascinating insights about myself!

  6. Josh Braxton

    This is a really good alternative to those paper versions if you’re a digital child like me and prefer typing over handwriting. The cute and creative design is inspiring and the letter prompts are so helpful to to get going when your not sure what to say or where to begin.

  7. Bee

    LOVE this concept! I really like the idea of prompts to get me thinking. Now I just need to set aside the time to write in them 🙂

  8. Ayachai Lee

    What a great product! I would have loved this years ago for mysel! Write a letter to yourself to be read later in life. I can’t wait to read them back in a few years from. now and reflect on the hopes and worries I had today.

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