Positive Affirmations – 99 Daily Affirmation Cards For Times Of Spiritual Isolation

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This collection of daily affirmation cards is a digital resource for personal inspiration, meditation, and devotion. The daily affirmations are based on Bible verses that have been carefully chosen to assist you in starting and maintaining a Bible-based affirmation practice for embracing hope, trust, and gratitude in challenging times.


Collection Of 99 Daily Affirmation Cards With Bible Quotes And Prayers

This collection of daily affirmation cards is a digital resource for personal spiritual inspiration, meditation, and devotion, written for anyone who feels spiritually isolated in life. It includes positive affirmations rooted in uplifting and comforting quotes from the Bible, carefully selected to help you cultivate an attitude of hope, trust, and joy in your life.

Product Details

Author: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Publisher: Dr. Anneke Schmidt

Digital Resource (PDF), 100 pages

About This Resource: Daily Affirmation Cards With Quotes From The Bible

Do you sometimes feel alone in your spiritual journey? You’re not alone. This digital resource was created to help people like you find comfort, support, and guidance in prayer, meditation, and daily devotion. With 99 inspiring affirmations rooted in quotes from the Bible, this collection of daily affirmation cards will help you feel connected to God and His love for you – even during times of spiritual isolation.

Each Unique Affirmation Card Includes The Following:

  • 1 encouraging Bible quote
  • 1 positive affirmation based, theologically, on the Bible quote and created to help you overcome spiritual isolation and find your way back to God’s unconditional love.

What You Will Receive

  • 1 PDF file in the format of 99 digital postcards (portrait). This PDF document can be printed at home or read as a digital version on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Why Use These Daily Affirmation Cards For Spiritual Isolation?

Studies have shown that positive affirmations can help to increase self-esteem, improve relationships with oneself and others, and create a more positive mindset. Positive affirmations can also help you embrace your true self and feel more confident and capable in your daily life.

These Bible-based affirmation cards may be used as a source of strength when you’re seeking spiritual support. They’re designed to not only lift you from any feelings of spiritual isolation but to help you overcome any self-defeating behaviors that don’t support your spiritual path. These affirmation cards for spiritual isolation will remind you of the divinity that exists within you and help you find your way back to an unconditionally loving God.

How To Use These Daily Affirmation Cards With Bible Quotes

These daily affirmation cards for spiritual isolation may be used in any way that supports your spirit. Here are just a few suggestions for how you might use them in your daily life:

  • Choose an affirmation card to read each morning to gently guide you in your faith journey and feel the presence of God’s love.
  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes each day reflecting on that day’s chosen Bible quote and positive affirmation through journaling.
  • Read through the positive affirmations in times when you feel lost, lonely, and/or spiritually isolated.
  • Choose one card each day to meditate upon, allowing the loving encouragement of the words to flow within you.

Additionally, because this resource can be easily accessed on your phone, you may carry these affirmation cards with you to read in any situation in which you might feel spiritually isolated. Allow the empowering Bible-based quotes and affirmations to be a source of profound courage, strength, and love.

To learn more about the power of Biblical affirmations in times of spiritual isolation, read this article.

Copyright Notice

This resource has been created and provided by Dr. Anneke Schmidt as part of her blog and educational platform, Skill & Care®. All texts, images, and designs are copyrighted and property of  Anneke Schmidt.

No part of this resource may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. You are welcome to print a copy of this e-book for your personal use.

10 reviews for Positive Affirmations – 99 Daily Affirmation Cards For Times Of Spiritual Isolation

  1. Emma Mayard

    I was hesitant to buy these, but they were absolutely worth it. I use them every day for my devotions.

  2. Jess W

    I was feeling a little lost and in need of some encouragement. Now I look forward every day to see what is going to be on the next card. I use the for my daily devotions

  3. Lizzy Green

    I absolutely LOVE these affirmations. They are so much more substantial being rooted in the Bible!

  4. Julia

    Happy with this purchase. It speaks into me on days that are dark and hopeless.

  5. Ms Ella Bell

    I pick a card on my phone every morning in work when my computer is booting up. It is amazing how you sometimes get just the message you need that day! it’s so great to finally have a set of Christian affirmations that really mean something to me!

  6. Sara Moore

    I bought this product and ended up loving it ! Sometimes you just need a quick moment of inspiration and spiritual connection and these cards serve as a great daily reminder that you are never alone.

  7. Audrey K

    Highly recommend for anyone looking for inspiration or a gift to someone who needs some emotional/spiritual support! These are high-quality affirmation cards that remind you of God’s love on a daily basis. They’ve been a part of my morning routine for a while now, but they may be used at any time and for different purposes, really (meditation, daily mantras, devotions, prayer time alone or with friends, etc). It’s also a stunning design.

  8. Lucill

    This ebook was a life saver for me! have neen using the cards every day for two months now. L xx

  9. Chris O

    love the design and bible-based affirmations

  10. Danielle

    Thank you so much . I absolutely loved these affirmations! They have been chosen so thoughtfully..

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