• Gratitude Journal With Prayer Section

    Gratitude Journal With Gratitude Prayer Sections


    This gratitude journal with prayer sections is a digital resource, containing 52 different sets of gratitude-based questions for each week of the year, dedicated space for daily reflection, a Bible quote, and space for weekly gratitude prayers. It can be used as an interactive e-book with editable text fields to type into or as a document to print out at home and fill in by hand. A Year Of Grounding Gratitude – With Prayer Sections takes you on a journey of joy, hope, faith, deep thankfulness, and the (re-)discovery of beauty in every day.

  • Daily Affirmation Cards For Spiritual IsolationAffirmations_Spiritual Isolation_Product Image 1

    Positive Affirmations – 99 Daily Affirmation Cards For Times Of Spiritual Isolation


    This collection of daily affirmation cards is a digital resource for personal inspiration, meditation, and devotion. The daily affirmations are based on Bible verses that have been carefully chosen to assist you in starting and maintaining a Bible-based affirmation practice for embracing hope, trust, and gratitude in challenging times.