Skill & Care Newsletter

Skill & Care Newsletter
Newsletter Logo for Skill & Care Content Solutions. The Newsletter is called Deep(er) Content Marketing.

“Deep(er) Content Marketing” is a newsletter crafted for those dedicated to developing and disseminating insightful, strategic content that cuts through the informational noise, builds authority, and transforms visits into business leads.

I’m Dr. Anneke Schmidt, a content strategist, copywriter, and SEO consultant specializing in Education, eLearning, and L&D projects. My mission is to challenge the prevailing “quantity over quality” approach in digital content creation and SEO strategy today.

With a firm belief in the synergy of critical thinking, deep reflection, and creative SEO practices, I am committed to elevating the industry standard.

Ready to redefine what effective content and SEO mean? Join me in the quest to create impactful content, spark meaningful conversations, and shift away from the deluge of generic digital content written for search engines, not people. Let’s make our words count – again.

Dr Anneke Schmidt_Personal Development Writer