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Mindfulness Coloring Pages – 5 Important Health Benefits For Adults

There is a relatively new phenomenon occurring in the mental health world and it’s something you might not expect: mindfulness coloring pages. Adults are engaging in this classic children’s pastime as a way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote confidence and well-being. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself creative or artistic, that’s okay. You don’t have to be the next Van Gogh to reap the benefits of mindful coloring. The truth is, mindfulness coloring pages are used by many people, all with varying artistic abilities. 

So, keep reading if you want to learn about a fun, science-backed way to feel better through exercising your creative muscles.

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What Are Mindfulness Coloring Pages, And What Are They Used For?

No longer just for children, coloring has taken the wellness world by storm. There is a long history in psychology of using creative techniques and methods to meet the needs of clients. 

Studies have shown that mindfulness coloring pages reduce anxiety and improve focus [1].  

But these aren’t your typical children’s coloring books – they have much more complex and intricate designs and are created specifically to promote mindfulness and well-being.

Coloring has long been used by parents and teachers as a way to help children develop fine motor skills, encourage color recognition, and boost confidence [2]. But coloring also helps to relieve stress, promote creativity, and boost your overall mood – benefits that can improve the well-being of both kids and adults alike.

Why Do Mindfulness Coloring Pages Work?

Research has shown that we spend 47% of the time unaware of what’s happening in the present moment. Mind-wandering has been linked to greater levels of unhappiness, regardless of whether or not the mind wanders to positive or negative things [3]. 

Present-moment awareness can be achieved through many forms of mindfulness. Coloring is especially effective because it allows the mind to suspend its inner chatter so that the flow of negative thoughts is interrupted. Much like mindfulness meditation where you focus on the present moment and releasing thoughts and other distractions, mindful coloring does the same thing.

5 Health Benefits Of Using Mindfulness Coloring Pages As An Adult

Using mindfulness coloring pages has a slew of benefits including improved sleep, relaxation and stress relief, improved focus, and a boost in creativity. As with other mindfulness activities, coloring promotes present-moment awareness. Working on mindfulness coloring pages requires attention to detail and repetition, which helps prevent the brain from getting swept up in distractions or mind wandering. Let’s take a closer look at how mindful coloring practices can improve our mental health.

Here are some of the benefits you might feel when using coloring pages for adults that are designed to foster mindfulness – they:

# 1 – Improve Sleep

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Sleep problems often stem from stress and worry. Because our brains are so used to running on high levels of stress and an overabundance of stimuli, it’s understandable why so many of us have problems shutting our minds down enough so we can relax into sleep. 

Studies have shown that higher levels of hyperarousal and intrusive thoughts are connected with poor sleep quality, but mindfulness activities can turn that around [4]. When we are constantly in a state of hyperarousal throughout the day, this carries over into our sleep quality. But through mindfulness activities, we can disrupt the consistent levels of stress we experience, which will, in turn, improve the quality of our sleep. 

# 2 – Promote Stress Relief And Relaxation

Coloring relaxes the brain because it forces your thoughts to focus on a single, simple activity. 

When you color, your attention is no longer on your stream of thoughts or inner chatter but focused on the task at hand. And because coloring is a low-stakes activity, it can serve as a wonderful escape rather than a test of your capabilities. A recent study showed that after just 20 minutes of working on mindfulness coloring pages, participants reported feeling calmer and more attentive than their counterparts who spent that time reading [5]. 

# 3 – Increase Focus And Concentration

Research has shown that mindfulness art activities improve focus and attention skills [6]. These abilities have also been shown to improve even further as you continue to engage in these activities.

Because concentration is required to focus on an activity for an extended length of time, mindfulness coloring pages serve as a great way to improve concentration while engaging in a relaxing activity.  

# 4 – Promote Creativity

Mindfulness encourages present-moment awareness which in turn promotes creativity. A 2018 study examined mindfulness and creativity [7]. Results showed that creativity decreased during spontaneous mind-wandering, defined as unintentionally engaging with your thoughts or getting swept up in your mind’s inner chatter. On the other hand, when participants engaged in mindfulness and deliberate mind wandering, this was linked with increases in creative performance. 

A mindfulness activity like coloring boosts creativity because it reduces stress, brings you into the present moment, and creates opportunities for freedom and flexibility as you color. 

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# 5 – Encourage Patience

Coloring is a great way to promote relaxation and comfortability but can also enhance your patience. We live in a digital age where instant gratification is the norm and attention spans are at an all-time low. But mindfulness coloring pages, especially intricate ones, force you to slow down and focus on one line and one color at a time. 

It takes a while to finish some of the more detailed mindfulness coloring pages which helps you begin to unlearn the instant gratification conditions you’re usually exposed to. This is especially true if you are coloring with mandalas. Mandalas are spiritual symbols found in Buddhism and Hinduism. They are made of circular geometric patterns and are particularly useful for mindfulness coloring pages because the symmetrical shape naturally keeps your attention on the center of the design instead of your wandering thoughts.

This act of deliberately filling in these intricate designs brings you into the present moment and reintroduces your brain to feeling pleasure through mindfulness. 

Download Your FREE Mandala Coloring Pages Today

Mandalas are the most popular way people practice mindfulness coloring. This ancient spiritual symbol represents the universe and the relationship between our inner world and outer world. The circular design symbolizes the idea that everything in the universe is connected and that there is no beginning and no end. 

Coloring mandalas is a popular form of meditation and is commonly used in mindfulness coloring pages. Much like other forms of mindfulness and meditation, mandalas are used to gain wisdom from within. When meditated on, they can provide astounding insights and profound inner transformation. 

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To get started on your journey to inner peace, we created a variety of mandala mindfulness coloring pages suitable for adults of all artistic abilities. To begin your mindfulness coloring practice, first, DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MANDALA COLORING PAGES and find a quiet, comfortable space. Gather some markers, crayons, or colored pencils and choose whatever colors speak to you. Do your best to go with the flow and try not to analyze your work or make an effort to make everything perfect. As you color, focus on the feel of the pencil, marker, or crayon in your hand. Listen to the sound of it making contact with the paper as you color in your design. If your thoughts wander, that’s okay. When you realize your mind has left the station, just gently bring it back to the task at hand. If you make a mistake, that’s okay, too. Remember that this is about relaxing, not creating a masterpiece. 

The Bottom Line

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, mindfulness coloring pages can help trigger your nervous system’s relaxation response, leading to better sleep, improved concentration, reduced stress, and higher levels of creativity. With its many proven benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are singing the praises of coloring. Go ahead and try some FREE MINDFULNESS COLORING PAGES for yourself and enjoy the impact that this mood-boosting practice has on your well-being.

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