3 Soothing Guided Meditations For Healing A Broken Heart

The profound sense of loss that comes with a broken heart is an incredibly painful experience and can be difficult to overcome. There are many ways you can heal from heartbreak, but guided meditation, aimed at soothing your broken heart, is one of the most effective methods.

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To help you navigate these challenging times, we have prepared three comforting meditations for you, which you can use as often as you need to help you feel more grounded and at peace. By incorporating guided meditation into your daily routine, we hope you will begin to shift your mindset from loss and grief to balance and harmony.

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Meditations For Healing A Broken Heart Types And Benefits

There are many ways you can use guided meditation to improve your emotional health when you feel heartbroken. Whether it’s the loss of a romantic relationship or the breakup of an important friendship, going through heartbreak can bring on a roller coaster of painful emotions. 

Anger, depression, shame, and anxiety are natural responses to heartbreak and can easily overwhelm your thoughts [1]. While meditation won’t necessarily change these complicated feelings, it will change the way you perceive them and help you to experience them in a new way.

The following meditations have been designed to help you heal your heartache by focusing on breathing, self-love, and your heart chakra. 

Here’s why we’ve chosen these particular focal points:

  • Breathing is an important aspect of healing because it shifts your body into a state of rest, promoting emotional and physical balance as well as recovery [2]. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the negative thoughts and emotions that bombard you after a loss, but teaching yourself to focus on your breath will help your mind and body restore harmony. 
  • In addition, concentrating on self-love and a sense of compassion for yourself is vital because it will teach you how you deserve to be treated in your relationships. 
  • And finally, a healing meditation centered on the heart chakra will help to unblock the energy in your body that has become stagnant due to the stress associated with your heartache. Encouraging the flow of energy will help to ease the effects of the trauma you’ve been through and shift you back into a state of well-being [3].
Meditations For Healing A Broken Heart

3 Soothing Guided Meditations For Healing A Broken Heart

These soothing meditations can shift you towards a greater sense of self-awareness and contribute to developing self-compassion in you. Their aim is to help you understand that how a person treats you is merely a reflection of their relationship with themselves. With this knowledge, you can begin to let go, knowing that the way you’ve been treated has nothing to do with your self-worth.

#1 – Guided Meditation For Noticing The Breath

Healing Breath Meditation
  1. Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your breath to fall into a natural pattern – there’s no need to breathe in any particular way.
  2. As you breathe, take your attention to the journey of your breath. Notice how it begins at the nose.
  3. Pay attention to how the air feels as it enters and fills your nose. Follow the breath as it enters into the back of your throat and fills up your chest and lungs.
  4. Notice if the breath causes your belly to rise.
  5. Follow the breath as it journeys back out of your belly, your lungs, your chest, and out again through your nose.
  6. Appreciate how this natural practice of breathing and exchanging gases happens with such ease that you often don’t notice it’s happening.
  7. Continue to follow each breath with curiosity and appreciation. Taking it one breath at a time is often all we can do during times of profound sorrow. 
  8. Know that each conscious breath you take is healing your heartbreak one micro shift at a time.

#2 – Guided Meditation For Self-Love And Self-Compassion

Meditations For Self-Love
  1. Begin by getting into a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting up.
  2. Take a few full and deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. As you breathe, scan your body from head to toe, taking as much time as you need for each body part. 
  4. Start at the top of your head, guide your attention to your face, your neck and shoulders, down your arms to your hands and fingers. Guide your attention down through your chest, torso, lower belly, hips, thighs, lower legs, and finally down to your feet.
  5. Notice if there are any points of pain or discomfort in your mind or body. Where are you holding tension? Do you feel emotionally closed off or shut down? Is your mind restless, swirling with thoughts, or calm? There is no need to do anything about your observations right now – just be aware of them.
  6. Allow your breath to flow, in and out of your nose. With each inhale, imagine breathing in light, brightness, warmth, and healing.
  7. With each exhale, imagine your body relaxing more deeply into the surface beneath you.
  8. Continue to breathe in this way. With each healing inhale, say in your mind, “I am worthy.” With each relaxing exhale, say to yourself, “I am at ease.”
  9. Allow each inhale to bring you love. Allow each exhale to bring you compassion.
  10. Take a few minutes to continue repeating your mantras – Inhale, “I am worthy.” Exhale, “I am at ease.”

#3 – Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation_Heartbreak
  1. Begin by taking five slow, deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. 
  2. As you finish your fifth breath, take your hands and begin to quickly rub them together, back and forth. Do this until you start to build up some heat in your palms. 
  3. Take your hands and place them over your heart.
  4. Continue to consciously breathe and notice your heart beating under your hands. Become aware of any heat you can feel radiating from your hands onto your chest.
  5. With your hands still on your chest, begin to direct your breath into your heart space. Visualize your heart chakra as a flower, opening and closing with each inhalation and exhalation.
  6. Imagine sending healing, expansive energy into your heart chakra with every inhale.
  7. As you exhale, visualize transmuting the old, stuck energy from your heart space into warm, bright light.
  8. Continue to breathe into your heart chakra, knowing that your focus on your breath is clearing old energy and welcoming new energy that feels crisp and fresh.

30 Days Of Simple Self-Care A Meditational Online Program For Overcoming Heartbreak

Healing from heartbreak can be one of the most challenging obstacles you will ever have to face. The profound pain that this kind of loss creates can wreak havoc on your mind and body and disrupt every aspect of your life. 

When faced with such a monumental hurt, it can make you feel lost and unsure of the next steps to take. Turning to support like our online course 30 DAYS OF SIMPLE SELF-CARE: LIVING THROUGH HEARTBREAK can take the guesswork out of how to overcome your pain. 

Living Through Heartbreak - Online Self-Care Course

This self-paced course is designed to hold your hand and take you step-by-step through accepting and healing your pain through guided meditations, self-care practices, journaling techniques, and self-reflection activities. Every step of this process has been specially curated to slowly but surely guide you through each healing phase, all at your own pace.

The course contains six modules focusing on different stages in the journey from profound heartbreak to new healing and hope:

  • Creating Safe Space
  • Grounding In The Present Moment
  • Breathing Through The Pain
  • Offering Self-Compassion & Comfort
  • Letting Go Without Losing Love
  • Embracing New Healing & Hope
Living Through Heartbreak - Self-Care Course

Each of these modules includes a recorded, guided meditation created for you by a professional meditation instructor with one of these elements in mind:

The first guided meditation is about creating space. When you make space to honor and acknowledge your pain, it can feel raw and unsafe. The accompanying self-care practices and reflections will help you create mental and physical spaces that feel safe and comforting.

The second meditation in the program is all about grounding your senses in the present moment. It helps you to momentarily put aside ruminations from the past and worries about the future in favor of the here and now. This can help you regain your power over your thoughts instead of having your emotions control you all day, every day.

The third meditation focuses on using the breath as a healing modality. When you can anchor your body, mind, and spirit in your breath, it equips you to better recognize, honor, and release the pain associated with heartbreak.

Comfort and self-compassion are the priorities of the fourth meditation in the series. When you’re hurting, approaching yourself with compassion rather than judgment is one of the best things you can do for your healing. Learning to cope with painful situations in this manner can help soothe your pain by honoring and loving yourself exactly as you are in this moment.

Meditation number five is all about letting go of the past and the pain that came with it while still honoring the love that once was. These practices will teach you how to let go of what no longer serves you while celebrating the experiences that helped shape you into the beautiful person you are right here, right now.

The final meditation and subsequent practices focus on healing and hope. By embracing the here and now, you can begin to heal by inviting in moments of brightness and joy. Recognizing that both darkness and light can coexist gives you permission to continue healing while looking ahead to the future with a sense of empowerment and hope.

Would you like to embark on this meditational journey and enjoy the benefits of a holistic self-care program that supports your mind, body, and spirit? Take the first step towards healing, and treat yourself to 30 DAYS OF SIMPLE SELF-CARE today!

Self-Care Course Living Through Heartbreak

The Bottom Line

Dealing with heartbreak means living with a bombardment of negative thoughts and emotions. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy to heal your broken heart, but developing a meditation practice can help you handle the roller coaster of emotions in a way that feels like you’re moving forward. Turning to a program like 30 Days Of Simple Self-Care: Living Through Heartbreak is especially helpful if you feel like you could use professional support that focuses on guided meditations specifically created to heal your heartbreak and grief.

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