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How To Plan A Self-Care Day – 7 Great Ideas To Try Out

What Is A Self-Care Day?

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21 Self-Care Ideas & Activities To Do At Home ✨

A self-care day is a day specifically devoted to taking care of your entire well-being: mind, body, and spirit. During your self-care day, you give yourself permission to step away from your outer world for 24 hours to focus on your inner world. This means setting aside your to-do lists and releasing the demands of daily life in order to tend to your own deepest needs.

At its foundation, a self-care day is a powerful way to come home to yourself and give yourself the care and attention you deserve. Keep reading to learn the benefits of planning a self-care day and get tips and ideas for how you can start planning your own self-care day today.

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What Are The Benefits Of Planning A Self-Care Day?

Even with holidays and one or two vacations a year, there are over 300 days in a year that most of us devote to personal and professional obligations. Daily life demands a lot out of us, and unless we intentionally choose to step back to focus on our own needs, it’s easy to get lost beneath external demands and neverending to-do lists.

A self-care day is, quite simply, a chance to breathe and align with your true and authentic self. It allows you to prioritize your own well-being over everything else in your life. This practice is the very opposite of selfish, as once you cultivate harmony within, you’re better able to serve and support others.

Self-care on its own has numerous benefits for your health, including increased creativity and an overall better mood. An entire day of self-care offers you the opportunity to refresh, renew, and realign your life’s priorities. The day itself only lasts 24 hours, but the positive outcomes from taking a self-care day continue long after the day ends.

How To Plan A Self-Care Day

It’s not imperative to plan every single hour of your self-care day in advance, but you should know at least some of the activities you’d like to do before you start your day. This way, you’re able to make any necessary arrangements and purchase supplies before the day comes. 

To start structuring your self-care day, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I wish I could do more often in my daily life that I feel I never have time for?
  • What does my ideal morning routine look like?
  • If I want to include any energizing activities in my day, would I rather do them in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
  • Does a social event like a coffee date with a friend feel like self-care to me, or would I rather spend this day alone?

Try to plan a few activities for morning, afternoon, and evening. Note that these don’t have to be really “big” things. For instance, you might choose to sit on the back porch for an hour to feel the sun on your skin. If possible, see if you can incorporate some activities that allow your body to rest and others that promote gentle movement (such as yoga or a walk around the neighborhood).

To further help you plan your self-care day, there are some great resources available that you can also use beyond this designated day. One resource definitely worth mentioning is The Witch’s Book of Self-Care, which has meditations, mantras, and powerful activities to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. I’ve also created a FREE SELF-CARE CHECKLIST containing 44 great ideas for physical, emotional, and mental self-care that you can download today.

7 Tips & Ideas On How To Plan A Self-Care Day

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#1 – Meditate With The Sunrise

Allow yourself plenty of sleep the night before your self-care day so you can wake up early to meditate with the sunrise. Notice the colors of the morning sky. Listen to the surrounding sounds as the world begins to wake up for the day. Feel your heart beating inside your chest. Mornings are often spent running around as you get ready for the day. For this day, release the need to rush through it all, and allow yourself to just be.

#2 – Unplug From Technology

Before you begin your self-care day, ask yourself, “What forms of technology do I use daily that support my mind, body, and spirit?” Whatever doesn’t make the list, set aside for the day. Unplug from anything that doesn’t truly serve your entire well-being. This might include social media, gossip websites, and even text messages. Choose the level of communication with the outside world that best suits your deepest needs, and let people know ahead of time that you’ll be unavailable.

#3 – Eat Soul-Nourishing Foods

On some days, self-care feels like healthy salads and smoothies. On other days, self-care feels like homemade chocolate chip cookies with a big glass of milk. On your self-care day, honor yourself by eating what truly feels good to you. This might mean eating something that reminds you of home or picking out your favorite dessert from a nearby bakery. On this day, pledge to take care of your entire well-being by eating foods that don’t only nourish the body but also nourish the soul.

#4 – Connect To Yourself Through Journaling

Journaling is a profound practice for connecting to your inner self and discovering parts of yourself that may get hidden in the busyness of everyday life. It also allows you to create a dedicated safe space devoted entirely to your own thoughts, emotions, and needs. If you feel like you don’t normally have time to connect to yourself, make time during your self-care day to go within.

To start your journaling practice, you can either free-write in a notebook or use a guided journal with prompts. If you’re looking for something that won’t take too much time, the 6-Minute Diary is a useful resource for gratitude, positive affirmations, and personal growth. Alternatively, for a digital resource that you can type directly into, I’ve created A YEAR OF GROUNDING GRATITUDE, a 52-week gratitude journal with unique reflection questions for each week of the year, designed to cultivate a mindset of authentic joy and appreciation. 


#5 – Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Bubble baths aren’t only for unwinding in the evening. On your self-care day, empower yourself to take a warm and relaxing bath whenever it feels good to you. If you want to start your morning with a nice bath to embrace a mindset of calm and serenity, go for it!

To make the most out of this time, incorporate high-quality products that stimulate your senses and feel good on your skin. Lavender, jasmine, and peppermint are all scents known for their calming qualities. 

To help you prepare for your day, here are a few recommendable bath products for cultivating calm and relaxation:

  • Kneipp Bubble Bath in Lavender and Eucalyptus
  • Honest Truly Calming Bubble Bath in Lavender

#6 – Create Something Imperfectly Beautiful

When was the last time you expressed your creativity without trying to be objectively “good” or productive? When did you last create out of pure joy?

Dedicate one to two hours to a fun, creative activity (preferably something completely unrelated to your profession). You might decide to paint, sketch, make a collage, or write some poetry. You might even try something a little outside the box, like creating a fairy garden or building a succulent terrarium. 

Plan your creative activity in advance so you have all the necessary supplies on your self-care day. If you’re unsure where to start, try a simple yet calming activity such as coloring. These mindfulness-centered coloring pages are a beautiful way to connect with your inner artist while cultivating joy within.

#7 – Cozy Up With A Good Book & Herbal Tea

How often do you read for pleasure? When did you last cozy up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of something tasty and allow yourself to slip into a world of romance and adventure? To end your self-care day, find a book in your favorite genre to read, and make a cup of something warm and caffeine-free like this organic herbal tea. You might decide to light some candles, turn on your essential oil diffuser, or play some soft instrumental music in the background. 

As you think about what practices you want to end your self-care day with, consider these three questions, and incorporate activities that fit all three categories:

  • What brings my mind calm and comfort?
  • What brings my body rest and relaxation?
  • What brings my spirit peace and serenity?
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The Bottom Line

A self-care day is a day entirely dedicated to practices that support your mind, body, and spirit. Your self-care day is a meaningful opportunity to connect to your inner being and listen to what your soul truly needs. And while this day may not last more than 24 hours, the benefits of planning a self-care day will continue to serve and support your well-being long after the day ends.

Where To Go From Here?

If you would like to find a way of giving your self-care day more of a spiritual dimension, e.g., through mindfulness practices, meditation, or prayer, you might also be interested in reading THIS ARTICLE ABOUT SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE and the benefits it has on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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