Content Solutions for the EdTech, eLearning, and L&D Sector

Do you work in the Education, eLearning, or L&D sector and need an expert writer?

Are you passionate about lifelong learning, continuous professional development, and educational technology but struggling to get your message out there?

Or, are you perhaps just tired of working with generalist writers who lack the required subject knowledge and educational expertise to create excellent marketing content for your brand?

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What you need is a specialist copywriter who:

  • Understands the Education and eLearning industry and is a credible expert in your field
  • Knows how to write web content that captures your brand voice, adds value to your target audience, and pleases search engines
  • Has digital marketing experience and masters SEO with a particular focus on educational services and EdTech software
  • Can help you make a difference in the world with easy-to-read, research-based, and inspiring educational web content
  • Is able to create excellent and engaging learning resources for print and online publication
  • Combines the skills and qualities of a professional researcher, educator, writer, and editor.

Problem solved. Collaborate with me, and watch your brand message soar to new heights.


Portfolio: Content Marketing

Here are a few samples of articles and web copy I’ve created for educational institutions, EdTech companies, as well as eLearning and L&D providers.

Portfolio: Thought Leadership & Criticism

Discover a growing collection of commentaries, opinion pieces, interviews, and more, each reflecting my deep engagement with key issues in the Education, eLearning, and L&D sector.