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About Skill & Care

Skill & Care® was created as an educational platform for self-development, accessible to anyone who wants to enhance certain life skills, practice self-care, and grow as a person. It serves as a one-stop source for information, practical guides, suggestions, resources, and courses for personal development, self-care, and spiritual growth, designed especially but not exclusively for life in hectic times and environments.

About Me

Welcome, my name is Dr. Anneke Schmidt. I’m the founder, chief author, and editor of Skill & Care®. For the past decade, I have worked as a freelance writer, teacher, and educational researcher in the fields of personal and professional development. Whenever I conduct research on topics relating to personal growth and soft skills in the broadest sense, I can’t help but notice that most of the existing web information is primarily focused on professional skills and business-oriented topics such as employability and career planning. This is not the purpose of this website!

Skill & Care® is a site created for people looking to work on themselves, on a personal level, and expand their horizons. Its main goal is to assist you in realizing your full potential, to support you in being your authentic self and living a better, more fulfilling life. Whether you are here to embrace your true self, learn about relationships with others, or improve life skills such as organizing yourself, developing patience, handling stress, and making hard decisions, you have found the right place. This website is all about personal growth and self-care.

But what qualifies me to provide this personal-development site? At a professional level, I am highly educated in the relevant fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education. I have a BA (Hons) in Humanities with specialisms in Philosophy and Religious Studies from The Open University, an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Chester, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and a PhD in Education with a focus on moral and spiritual development, both from the University of Exeter.

At a personal level, the question of what constitutes a good life and how we can be (or try to become) our most authentic, highest selves – in a world that all too often ignores such values – has been at the center of my own spiritual search since I was a young adult. Skill & Care® is a reflection of both the questions and answers I’ve discovered along the way, and it hopes to be a useful resource and practical help for anyone who is on the same path.

To achieve this goal, I work with a team of experienced professionals who specialize in self-development and self-care. Together, we do our best to offer the most balanced, well-researched, and easy-to-read web content we can.

Anneke Schmidt, PhD
Founder of Skill & Care

Anneke Schmidt - Founder of Skill & Care

Where To Go From Here?

Since you are here, you are probably looking for opportunities for personal growth and self-care. The good news is, we have prepared everything you need for this journey by breaking down our valuable content into three main categories:

Why not begin by checking out these categories and see which one resonates most with you? You can always come back for more at a later point!

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